MISS – ABMS 2019

Multi-platform International Summer School on Agent-Based Modelling & Simulation for Renewable Resources Management

This 2-week summer school is about learning the different skills required for building agent-based models for renewable resources management. The first week focuses on general background lectures and learning of UML and platforms. The second week is dedicated to the design and implementation of a model on a platform. The various models built by the different groups are then presented to all the participant at the ned of the training session.

When ?

September 16-27, 2019

Where ?

At Agropolis International, in Montpellier, South of France

For whom ?

We enjoy having each year participants with very heterogeneous profiles in terms of age, nationality, scientific background and experience in modelling or coding. Successful candidates should have an interest in applying modelling and simulation to renewable resource management issues. No previous knowledge of agent-based models is required, but some previous experience in computer coding is highly recommended.

How to apply ?

Apply online before June 1st, you will receive a response by mid-June

More information

Visit our webpage

Any question ?

Don’t hesitate to contact us: miss-abms_organizers@agropolis.fr

Appel 2019 à candidature du PDI

L’appel 2019 pour le PROGRAMME DOCTORAL INTERNATIONAL (PDI) : « Modélisation des Systèmes Complexes » (MSC) est lancé.

Ce programme permettra de financer 1 à 2 contrats doctoraux au Nord et 9 à 12 contratys doctoraux au Sud.

Le calendrier est le suivant :

A partir de Mai 2019 : Dépôt au fil de l’eau, ,soit des dossiers de pré-candidatures, pour avis de recevabilité, soit des dossiers de candidatures complets.

21 juin 2019: Date limite de dépôt du dossier complet de candidature

1-11 juillet 2019 : Auditions à distance des candidats déclarés admissibles

Dès le 15 juillet : Décision d’admission sous réserve de l’obtention des pièces administratives demandées

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